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Meet Melissa

Founder of Project Our Generation

I was inspired by this idea back in 2018 when my dad passed away. It was one of the most difficult times of my life. 


After his passing I had to step in and help my mother navigate life and take certain areas that she was not comfortable with. 


With doing that I thought to myself how many others are in her exact position. Not being able to do certain things because of their spouse handling it. 


Then I thought of my dad and how willing he was to give advice and just share his experiences with people despite their age. He even taught this young kid that lived across the street learn how to tie his tie. 


This showed me how important it is to be willing to help no matter the age.

This brings me to the birth of Project Our Generation, a non profit that provides a safe empowering space where generations can come and offer each other support, encouragement, wisdom, value and inspiration! 


Our Mission

To provide resources that will help young entrepreneurs run a small business effectively, efficiently, proactively.

Our Vision

We see ourselves as being the go to for business set up, business credit, and business legal support through the  resources we provide.

Business Resources available:

Branding/trademark filing

Content creation 

Website building


Tax services


Legal support


Financial health

Mental health

Personal development 



Young People at a Workshop

How it works:

We will house these services together under one umbrella.


We will partner with companies who share our values & partner with us by sponsoring these services and programs. 


We are currently searching for a physical building to host events surrounding each of these areas. With the focus being on young entrepreneurs.

Meet The Team


Jovanna Wright



Nela Tamaya

Vice President

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Tangia Seward

Executive Director

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Fancy Flossie



Brianna Carpenter

Board Member

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